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Athens To Atlanta

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Hi and welcome! AthensToAtlanta.com is a special part of Roadskater.net for anyone who loves, or thinks they might want to try, the grandaddy open road ultramarathon skate in the USA, the 87-mile Athens to Atlanta roadskate. It's not a substitute for the a2a.net site, but a companion guide!

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Tour to Tanglewood Section of Roadskater.net

Hi and welcome! This is a special part of Roadskater.net for anyone who loves, or thinks they might grow to love, the awesome 2-day Tour to Tanglewood skate and bike ride (skride) for Multiple Sclerosis. It shows links to photos, articles, maps and more from our roadskating and cycling team members who have participated in Tour to Tanglewood every year since 1999.

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Inline Skating 50 Miles on the Silver Comet Trail, July 4, 2012: Slow but Time on Skates and Calorie Burning

Notes from the trail...but first in reply to sam's glowing reviews of the Roadskater.net jersey...
Ha! If you want one of those jerseys, the deadline is past, but put in the order and i'll ask them to add it and refund if they can't.
Available in ROYGBVM and this year's mystery color (latter for $10 less). Supersweet 19" zip. Comfy wicking fabric. 3 pockets on back. All that. Injected with skateylove yes and grateful to be skateful.
We did 50 miles rolling out at 2:36p. Getting ready in the mile 0 parking lot we both thought it felt hotter than any time we had been there.
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Tour de Kale Bike Ride Inline Skate June 21st, 2008

If you're curious about this event, just promise yourself you'll go out and do it! Beautiful, hilly terrain, rural roads, an entire town volunteering support for the ride, prizes, food, and a great cause...

Here's my report from last year's event:


Event website: http://tourdekale.com/

Last year Kale himself made it very clear to us that we should come back in 2008 - and bring a bunch more skaters with us!

Getting Ready for 2008 Bike Ride Across Georgia (BRAG) on Inline Skates

Getting Ready for the Long Haul.

So you think that A2A is more than you ever want to do? Think of A2A as a warm up for this years vacation. My third Bike Ride Across Georgia (BRAG) www.brag.org 433 miles in two 3 day sessions.

This is installment one of a multi part Blog

Grandfather & Grandson Inline Skate 87 Miles Together at Athens to Atlanta A2A 2007

[Editor's note: I posted this for Jim after he sent the info at my request. I wanted this story to be in the 2007 A2A Journals collection we are building!]

After the Athens to Atlanta skate this year, the Herbsts, a couple who skated the 52 mile distance wanted to know more about the granddad-grandson team who skated the full 87 mile distance.  Here's what I wrote.  My wife and daughter-in-law took pictures at the rest stops and at the finish.   I've included those also.

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Tour to Tanglewood 2007 Bike Skate Photos

The 2007 Tour to Tanglewood was my ninth, all on skates, all including both days. The Roadskater.net team was 36 members, 18 on skates, from NC, GA, MI, NJ and NJ (born in USA, Canada, Netherlands and UK). We were missing a few regulars because of the North Shore Inline Marathon in Duluth, MN and for other reasons. I hope you like the 420 photos that made it through editing!

The link for the photos is here:

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Paceline Bicycles Greensboro NC 2007 Tour to Tanglewood TR Photos

The Paceline Bicycles Tour to Tanglewood Training Ride was hot and beautiful, with Greensboro in bloom in shades of fuchsia and white and more. Most of the roads were great but some of north Greensboro's newer traffic seems to be in a very big hurry in their very big vehicles, even on Saturday morning. We did our best to share skateylove but it was difficult when cars were honking at cyclists near us who were making their way fine along the hilly two-lane roads. Most of the Triad seems to share the road well, but sadly, the north side of my town is a bit embarrassing sometimes.

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Bicycle Toy & Hobby High Point NC 2007 Tour to Tanglewood TR Photos

The Bicycle Toy & Hobby training ride is usually the last one of the year, barring rain dates, and its a great time to pick up packets for the Tour to Tanglewood, so lots of riders show for this one. It's downhill out of town and uphill back into town along mostly five-lane and four-lane roads with mostly good natured motorists along the way. Out in the country, the route followed familiar Tour to Tanglewood roads in some places. A rougher surface loop proved a tough blend with the hottest temps of a T2T TR this year, but we made it fine.

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Inline Skating the Hotter'n Hell 100 Wichita Falls, Texas

Hotter'n Hell 100 is the biggest bike ride in Texas. To finish full distance, the rider needs to get to Hell's Gate at mile 60 before cut off.

In zone 2, I skate 14 mph on smooth pavement, 9 mph on rough, and 7 mph on the really rough with fresh legs. Mathematically, I need to average 12 mph to make the gate.

Below is my event report:

HHH 2007

Unfinished Business

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