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Tour de France (tdf)

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Inline Skaters Get Great Tour de France TV Coverage and Comments

Just a quick note to say that on today's stage of the Tour de France, some inline skaters made the video coverage and were even commented upon favorably by Phil Liggett (and maybe by Paul Sherwen too).

The first view was of the solo race leader with a solo skater in a low race position making good time on a road parallel to the TdF course.

The second view a few minutes later was of four skaters on the parallel road, behind the full peloton, with fields of sunflowers in the foreground and between the two roads.

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Tour de France 2007 Streaming Video Free TV & Heart Rate Monitoring

For those who don't have cable television but do have high-speed internet, here are some links that may (or may not) work for you to watch some worldwide television. Currently, of course, this is of interest because of the Tour de France. Look below for some links to the live data for GPS (location), power, heartrate and more. It's amazing to watch the video as the riders pass through a town and make a turn and to see this happen on the Google map while viewing HRM data.

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Landis Training for 2007 Tour de Livre Book Tour?

Floyd Landis had agreed not to tour any of France in competition this year, and it looks like he'll be making the rounds of the talk shows here in the USA and elsewhere if things go as one might expect. The book will cover Landis' whole life up to and including the results of the mid-May anti-doping hearing. Bicycling Magazine executive editor Loren Mooney will be co-author, and Amazon.com is offering up preorders. Here's an affiliate link if you want one... Positively False: The Real Story of How I Won the Tour de France.

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Cycling Photographer Graham Watson Brief Video Interview

Many have seen Graham Watson's great photographs of the Tour de France and other cycling events I'm sure. Sometimes he'll even be interviewed during the tour and often is an interesting guy. In the video attached to the story below, Watson talks about his switch from photographing royalty to giving cycling a go to realizing a new career in cycling photography. It's great to hear how people chose their path. Enjoy!

Cycling Photographer Shares Favorite Pictures
cbs4denver.com, CO - 18 minutes ago
Renown cycling photographer Graham Watson will be in Boulder on Thursday for an exhibit of his photos of the Tour de France. ...

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Inline Skate Police Keep Watch as Champs-Élysées Becomes Strip Mall Some Say

If for no other reason we here in the United States remember the Champs-Élysées as the scene of many yellow jerseyed moments over the last few years. But it seems the French are worried that the street has descended into megastore commercialism, losing the flavor held so long as a romantic refuge for artists and those who love them. A recent piece in the International Herald Tribune mentions skating police briefly among many other interesting facts and opinions...

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Floyd Landis Defense Fund and Multiple Sclerosis Donation Link

Not much new here except the information that there is now a way to contribute to Floyd's defense. What would really be interesting would be if they would sell stock in the defense so that if he loses, you lose, but if he wins, you win too! Now that would really be an educational lottery!

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Floyd Landis update - the best defense is a good offense

Floyd is taking the fight online and has apparently posted a lot of information on his home page.  (www.floydlandis.com)...  I've linked to an article with a summary and it sounds like he's just putting up a lot of data to back up his claim that the French lab was either incompetent, purposely spiked the samples, or both...

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Landis update: Landis' attorney seeks to dismiss doping charges

Did a quick search today to see if there was any new news...


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Landis update

Good interview with Phil Liggett (OLN commentator for TDF) is available here:


Phil Liggett on the Landis affair

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