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Wooden Bike Brings Together Several Interests and Skills from Guitar Building to Cycling to Marketing

This is a good article about an interesting object: a wooden bicycle which incorporates other materials...notably kevlar. It also shows how varied interests and passions can eventually combine into a new life's work or maybe even career, if all goes well. Rather than repeat it all, here's a link.... 

Wooden wheels - Boulder Weekly -

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Inline Skating & Cycling Socks

The subject of suitable skate socks crops up occasionally in skate discussion groups. Honestly, I've been trying to replenish my skate-sock supply now for over a year. Whenever I find the perfect pair, that very make and model disappears off the face of the Earth a year or so later when I have worn and washed the life out of the old ones.

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Mike Barry on Paris-Roubaix Bikes

Mike Barry, father of pro cyclist Michael Barry, and recently retired builder of Mariposa bicycles, has a neat blog post about the bikes ridden by current racers on cobblestone stages and for daily training rides. He has some good specifics about setup and component choices for classic races such as Paris-Roubaix and relates his experience of riding one such bike on European back roads. http://bicyclespecialties.blogspot.com/2009/12/bikes-cobbles-and-mudguar...
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Sheldon Brown Rolls On: The Bike World Celebrates His Web and Words

The world, the internet, cycling and the art of sharing lost a major force in the form of Sheldon Brown, whose work remains at SheldonBrown.com. He was an incredible resource of cycling knowledge. By all accounts he was also a man of good humor and skateylove (bikeylove) too. Many accounts tell of his helpfulness online, by email, and in person. Timv has mentioned Sheldon often to me in our various discussions, including where I might find out more about my 1980s Centurion bike, learn about fixies, and much more.

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Cirque du Cyclisme 2007 Photos

Thanks to Dale at Cycles de Oro's welcoming ways, I showed up on skates for a couple of the Cirque du Cyclisme rides and had the pleasure of seeing lots of classic bikes and the people who love them. Timv was there on his classic bikes, and eebee joined in on Saturday for the leisurely tour of Greensboro.

Please check out my 290 photos from the Cirque du Cyclisme 2007:

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Picking Skating Cycling Jersey Colors and Design Elements

I gave the first hints of the secret color in..."Sunlight on Leaves to Go with Late Day Sky Through Thin Cloud"


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Raglan Versus Set-In Sleeves on Custom Dye-Sublimated Skating and Cycling Jerseys

So the main issue was the NO SLEEVES sizing...but one gentle reader explained that my riff on raglan v. set-in was confusing. Here's more on the subject of Set-In or Raglan sleeves.

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