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heart rate monitors (hrm)

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Heart Rate Monitors, Fitness Trackers, Garmin Vivosmart HR & Fitbit Charge HR

I love my Garmin Forerunner 310xt for the GPS, 20-hour battery, big display (even if a clunky housing), and for me, good solid HR readings. I usually don't mind wearing the strap, but sometimes, it is a drag...especially on really hot sweaty days. I'm interested in any experience people have with

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Barometric and Digital Elevation Model (DEM) Correction with Cycling Running Skating Global Positioning System (GPS) Data

Congrats to all who are spending plenty of time exercising! Kudos if you do that AND spend lots of time thinking about this while exercising or not. Thinking about exercising is part of actually going to exercise. And any mind game that gets me out exercising is a mind game I like. Also, thinking about scientific and mathematical issues keeps brains exercised along with the rest of the body. If you feel elevation data is irrelevant to your training, you won't want to waste your time reading this article. If reviewing your data informs you and inspires you, read on to see if you agree.

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Inline Speedometer Recommendations? Replies by Actual Users Discuss and Review Forerunner 305 HRM GPS

As previously noted, at A2A I was totally unprepared for the scathing speeds most experienced racers attain. I'll do A2A again if I think i can do it sub-6 hours...But I need to know what that speed feels like, and how to work to generated it.

I recently found (duh....) that there are indeed inline speedometers, some of which combine with heartrate monitors. Any recommendations as far as good deals, reliability, and durability go?

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How to Reboot a Garmin Forerunner 305 That Locked Up When Recharging on the Cradle and Won't Power On

The Garmin Forerunner 305 is great. Despite a few weaknesses (calorie count, altitude), it is a great value for anyone who will use the information it provides. It's the best training tool I know of. But on the big day when you want to do an event, it is possible you won't be able to use it (until you read the reset method here). My Forerunner 305 has on several occasions after recharging on the cradle in various situations (charge by AC, charge by laptop USB, charge in the car using a USB cigarette lighter adapter) refused to start.
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A2A 55-mile skate -- Sunday morning fun skate went out of control

The Texas Flyers had planned to send a team to 2005 A2A [which was canceled that year --roadskater].  I wanted to participate in the worst way.  I was too weak to skate at the time and started to ask skaters to go to A2A.  “Don’t wait ‘til you’re ready.  Go while the event exists.”



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Garmin Forerunner 305 Training Center & GPS Unit Updates, PDF Manual (Edge 305, 705, Forerunner 405)

A recent discussion of calorie counting on the Garmin Forerunner 305 here...

...mentions updates to the firmware in the GPS unit. For convenience, here's a link to a page about the software (or firmware) updates available...

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Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS Heart Rate Monitor has a Useless Calorie Counting Feature

If you're in the market for a heart rate monitor and place great value on the calorie counter function, I would not recommend you buy a Garmin Forerunner 305.

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Athens to Atlanta 2007 Polar Heart Rate Monitor Barometric Altitude Graph

I have been wanting to share this graph of Athens to Atlanta 2007 with everyone for some time now. In fact, I intended it to be the first graphic uploaded in the beta photos system, but the Specialized helmet won out. Maybe later I'll delete that one!


Athens to Atlanta 2007 Heart Rate and Altitude Graph
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Clemmons Bicycle 2007 Tour to Tanglewood TR Bike Ride Inline Skate Photos

As I've often said, the Clemmons Bicycle T2T TR route in the mid-30-mile range is my favorite, and this year I'd say that is still true, despite some nice routes at other shops. So when the weather turned out cooler it looked like another relatively easy day compared with what might have been. This summer we've been very lucky at least three times, maybe four (Tour de Lions, Tour de Kale, Cycles de Oro T2T TR and Clemmons Bicycle T2T TR), to have unseasonably cool temperatures.

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Tour de France Rest Day: My Favorite Anecdote from Week One

During the rest day, I've been speed-reading through various reports and blog entries for the first nine days of this year's Tour. My favorite story so far comes from David Millar's Stage 5 diary account of rookie British sprinter Mark Cavendish on his first-ever hilly TdF stage:

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