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Joey Mantia

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Speedskating Season is Starting and During an Olympic Year it Matters

This is a brief note to point to an article about pro long track speedkating season. The one that matters to me, at least. No disrespect intended to the short track derby, but I like mostly non-contact sport contests of speed. The first turn of an F1 race is admittedly often an exception.

This weekend pro long track starts again, and TeamUSA has some experienced skaters leading up to the Olympics. Notably, Shani Davis, a great speedskater over the years, returns. Also Heather (Richardson) Bergsma, from High Point, NC, is back on the ice for another year always being a threat to win the gold. I don't know how or if I'll be able to catch this off the airwaves or streams, but might make an attempt. Former inliner Joey Mantia will also be on the team! 

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Joey Mantia USA, Elizabeth Arnedo COL, Win First 2009 World Inline Cup Event in Columbia; gewinnt WIC Auftakt 2009 in Kolumbien

Not much to say on this as I wasn't able to watch any vid, but Joey Mantia rolls and rules again...Presti has been near the top for a long time. Impressive.

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Joey Mantia Slow Motion 300fps Inline Skating Speed Outdoor Track Video: What do you notice?

Check out this video of Joey Mantia on an outdoor track, in slow motion video... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l9jbxcxJELQ Notice anything specific? (Other than muscles, I mean!) Anyone know where the video was getaken? [Later: I think I found it and have it pinned on the map. I'm sure eebee can help with the meaning of the title...sounds like community health insurance commission or similar, but the googlemaps note says it's an outdoor, covered, 200m track. Sweet.] Thanks to Brian R for posting that link on the skating social list.
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