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Raven Rock Ramble

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2011 Raven Rock Ramble May 1st Bike Ride Inline Skate New Hill NC

Look for the 2011 Raven Rock Ramble to be on May 1st http://www.ravenrockramble.org/
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Raven Rock Ramble 05/02/2010

2010 RRR details can be found at http://www.ravenrockramble.org/routes.htm 2009 was great weather, a little hilly and a bit more chip seal pavement than necessary but a well put together event.
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Report on the 2009 Raven Rock Ramble Cycling & Inline Skating Event May 3rd 2009 in Apex, NC

With a nasty weather system slowly pushing across Texas days earlier, and finally making it's way to the western part of NC on the eve of the event, this year's RRR seemed 'iffy' at 6am.  I made the 'go call' at about 7 and arrived at the venue by 7.45.  Unfortunately any other skaters made a 'no-go call' making this a solo skating effort.

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