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Ten-Year-Old Dorset Girl is a Skate Triathlon Hero for Big Hearted Desire to Help Haiti Through Inline Skating

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You know, even when we do things for charity, it's easy to get competitive. It's easy to think you shouldn't make an effort if it can't be a big one. It's easy to forget that the desire to help is enough. Do a little, or do a lot, but do it when you are inspired!

Just when I needed some reminders about skating and charity, along comes a roadskater.net sidebar story about Jessica Burdett, who wanted to help people in Haiti. She didn't figure out how not to do it or why it wouldn't matter. She didn't think she was too small, too young or too far away (growing up near where eebee grew up on the south coast of England). She came home, designed and printed a promo and pledge sheet, and put out the word she was doing her own mini-triathlon!

Now in my overcomplicated mind I thought this meant she needed other people to sign up and volunteers to provide support and complicated stuff to make it big time. Nope! She was going to do the skate, run, swim triathlon herself, and was inspired to do it as her way to raise money to help people in Haiti.

OK, so she did have at least one volunteer: her mom, who followed along during the athletic pursuit to make sure all was well.

Jessica raised £80 so far, and the point to me is, no amount is too small, especially in places where £80 buys more and buys essential life-extending supplies. Jessica will donate through the local Rotary Club to buy supplies in special kits to help the people--including the children--of Haiti.

So thanks, Jessica, for your pink helmet, skates, smile and donation form that says what we all feel when fundraising: Please help me to help them!

I hope and believe this is the start of a life of exercising for charity. And I know you helped me to think about what I can do for others, and that no matter how much the Carolina Century (carolinacentury.com) might raise each year, it is an important effort, and no amount is too small for those who need it.

It is so hard to remember that what we might "throw away" or waste, could be precious to others. What we might consider a failure can be huge to someone else who is even temporarily less fortunate.

Weymouth girl's big effort for Haiti fund - Dorset Echo -

Weymouth girl's big effort for Haiti fund
Dorset Echo
The mini-triathlon, which came just two days after Jessica's 10th birthday, started at Ferrybridge where she put on her roller blades and skated along the ...



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Doing me proud!

I'm so proud of this little girl from my home county! Thanks for bringing it to my attention. I agree with your POV on what's important here, Roadskater. Do a little, or do a lot, but do it when you are inspired.

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