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Texas Road Rash 2009

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This weekend I raced in the Texas Road Rash marathon for the 3rd time. This is one of my favorite events and I was looking forward to going back to Austin, TX.

I raced in Open division which this year was separated from the Pro division by 3 minute delay. The start was fairly fast and a group of 7 skaters got away. I was in the group. Once the pack got a significant gap on the rest of the Open field the pace relaxed and the race slowed down significantly. This continued until two laps to go, when we were lapped by a Pro chase pack (Botero lapped us a half a lap earlier) and one of our skaters jumped on their back. I don't think it was right but everybody races their own race, I guess. Once the first skater started pulling away, another guy went after him and when I saw that two skaters were getting away, I had to chase to get back in the race. The chase opened a gap between me and the rest of the pack. I was able to reach the other two guys in the front but was completely spent when the Pro pack sprinted away taking both of other Open skaters with them. I kept skating hard (as hard as I could) when I noticed that one of the escapees has fallen off the Pro pack and was waiting for me to reach him. At the same time, there was another skater bridging to us from the back. 

The three of us worked hard for the rest of the lap to make sure that we stay away from the rest of our pack of 7 and it worked really well. When we had about a half a lap to go chasers were nowhere in sight. 

When our 3 men pack got to the last turn, the guy in the front started his sprint and I spent too much time going around the guy in the 2nd position to close the gap, finishing 2 seconds behind him.

Overall, as always, a great race that I enjoyed very much. I came home with another cheese grater for the 3rd place - I have 3 of them now. The only difference was that this time it was for the 3rd place overall.


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Great going, Skart!

Another great race report! Congrats on your finish. If anybody wants more info, results, etc., see

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3 cheese graters

Soon you'll be able to open an Italian bistro. ;-) Really though, it sounds like you had a very exciting time. Congrats.
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Great Fun Reading Your Story of the Texas Road Rash

Wow that was a fun read, Artem. It's fun to read about the tactics involved, and as I love to watch road cycling grand tours and one-day classics, it all makes sense. It is a major good point that once the pack gets away in the beginning of a race, they may slow a bit, staying away from some who might have been able to hang on had they risked it. This reduces the number of opponents. Some will repeat this cycle all day, especially those who don't have a good final sprint. They'll try to get rid of all the sprinters before it's time to sprint! Thanks for sharing your story and it's fun to read of your progression from Tour to Tanglewood cruiser to Texas Road Rash bruiser! Skating really can be so very exciting in so many ways. I love it when I get to the park and forget everything and realize later I've really pushed pretty hard and that's why I felt so "bad," and that it was really a good day after all. I also love it on one of those bad days when I just relax and have a day of noticing stuff around me and gliding along enjoying it all in a leisurely way. I had some great times running, but skating is more consistently fun to me, more exciting and feels more free to me...free of the limitations of running shoe gravity and grip.

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