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Thanks, and much more..

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..for the care, kind words, and strength you all have given to me in the past four days. Oh, BTW, I'M HOME.

My goodness, what an incredible experience that spanned, at least for me, the gamut of the emotional and physical realm. I'll save all that for another time. Suffice to say, my surgeon and the entire Cardiac Care Unit at Moses Cone Hospital receive my highest praise. (Where were you Bobbi?? :-) Thank you so very much for calling that first night, you have no idea how much it meant in that critical time to know an inside person to the CCU was calling to check)

Man, what I wouldn't give to put a set of skate or bike wheels to the pavement this weekend!!! Something that you take for granted, is at least, temporarily taken away, and man oh man, do you realize just how much it's missed. That applies to a lot in life..

To those on the road tomorrow, be safe, have fun, and when it starts to hurt, remember, it's a good hurt :-)



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Thanks Back At You

Thanks for staying in touch and keeping us posted on your progress, Jack. We're all concerned for your well-being and wishing you the best for a speedy recovery. It's great to hear that you're progressing well and back at home. I'd imagine that a few nights of sleep under your own roof have done wonders for your state of mind.


I'm looking forward to hearing more good news from over your way. I have no doubt that you'll charge back full of life and determination, and be dusting us all off once again, when your recovery time is over and you're back on wheels.

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Speedy recovery...

I'm glad to hear the surgery went well, and hope that your recovery is as quick and easy as possible. Please keep us updated on your progress, and especially let us know when you're back on your skates! :)


One question, if it's not too personal... Were there any other warning signs before this (aside from the chest discomfort)? Like elevated cholesterol, or anything else? Or did it literally have no warning at all? For my own benefit, I'm wondering if a yearly physical and blood work would do anything to forewarn something like this, or if there's really no way to tell before you start feeling the "bad" hurt...


Take care!

- SM -

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