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Time-Lapse Video of 3 Foot Snowfall

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This holiday season's East Coast storm has been hazardous and beautiful. 

It was a nice 2-3" dusting for Georgia and Alabama, giving them a white Christmas evening for the first time since 1882. 

There are about 6" in the Winston-Salem area, 2" or so in Elizabeth City, and I heard there were 10" in Raleigh.

Anybody care to weigh in? How much snow did you get? What have you all been doing? Snowball fights, skiing, sledging/sledding/sleighing? 

Here's a cool time-lapse video posted on CNN ireports, of this season's blizzard. 

Anchorwoman: "Tell us about how your emotions were..."

Time-Lapse Video Guy: "Uhh, I'm a scientist..."

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