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Tour de France 2006

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Here's a quick note to start us out on TdF. What a sad state sports are in, and what an awful deal for the innocent, if there are any, and I'm sure there are. I think the tdf will still be great without the top five from last year, and I have not much worry over cheaters getting punished, but there was no way to have due process in this case it seems. I don't know if it's better to let the riders ride then strip them of their prize if found guilty, or to do as the teams agreed, remove anyone under investigation. Seems that Vino got an especially bad deal, if he hasn't been doing anything, as he's not even charged but lost enough team members to not have a team, as I understand it.

Regardless, I wanted to share this mobile link for following the live reports: http://live.cyclingnews.com/wap/

Another great site of course is velo news, and here's a story about Tyler Hamilton and others facing from four years to life bans if it all turns out true: http://velonews.com/news/fea/10201.0.html 

What a crazy situation! Either face a tour with constant accusations of the leaders and doubt about who the winner would eventually be, or face the chance that one of the likely winners will later be found to be clean (or clean enough). Arrgh! Here are some more links...

Tour de France Cycling News Extra - Cyclingnews.com -
Tour de France Cycling News Extra 
Cyclingnews.com - 1 hour ago
By John Trevorrow , in Strasbourg. From the wreckage of last week's mayhem emerged a magical first day of Tour de France which may ...
Spanish Tour Contender's Status At Risk Bicycling
Tour de France 2006 - Ag2r Prévoyance Daily Peloton
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Tour de France Web Video Resources

Here are some more links for tdf coverage.

If you have any live audio or video resources, please list them on roadskater.net!




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Tour de France and Google Earth, Maps, Patinar Brasil

If you haven't checked out Google Earth yet, here's a good excuse. Google Earth, to oversimplify, is like a 3D version of the http://maps.google.com and http://gmap-pedometer.com stuff we've been using here to share skate routes.

The TDF routes are available in Google Earth format at this link:


You'll need to download and install the Google Earth program at this link if you haven't already:


There's also a link near the bottom of the rsn classic site


above the list of recent visitor's cities, that will show a few recent visitors on Google Earth when clicked. That resource (geo visitors) and another one


that shows the last 100 hits that it catches on Google Maps (not as cool, but cool). I look at these as a sampling, as I know from server logs that much is missed by these. They both miss many hits and one doesn't scan overnight it seems, but while they are neither complete nor foolproof, they provide some interesting info on the reach of your comments and rsn's photos. It seems some outreach in Brasil would be worthwhile, and perhaps we could even find sister skate cities or something and get some of these folk to come to Tour to Tanglewood in exchange for visits to their skate festivals. It sounds like a nice dream (or gol!).


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Tour de France 2006 Live Video Live Audio in English

As many know I'm not participating in Cable TV so I can afford the Cable Internet, which is more important to me and RSN. This means the sporting events can be a challenge, but I'm really enjoying a combination of things right now to follow the 2006 Tour de France.

I get my video feed by watching Radio Television Luxembourg:


If you have trouble connecting (if you join the coverage late in the race this could be the case), You can try Serbian television (this may interfere with, or mix with, audio from Eurosport.com below, and the video quality is not as good as RTL):


Simultaneously, I'm able to listen to English-language audio from Eurosport.com, who offers several languages in fact, and a nice array of other sports at times as well:


For text, I'm liking Eurosport.com and cyclingnews.com:



These links won't be right for every stage, but you'll probably be able to find them by going to the home page. Hope this helps someone at home or work to be able to enjoy the tour!

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Tour de France

It's already a very strange tour. Half of the top contenders and two entire teams eliminated the day before the prologue, which is won by this Viking who's supposed to be just a sprinter... Floyd Landis's strange mishap at the start... Odd botched sprint at today's finish... Then the yellow jersey wearer collapses to the ground with blood spraying from his arm like the Black Knight in Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and we're told that it was a really bad paper cut. (Some reports now say that he was cut by a fan's camera, which is still odd but makes more sense I guess.) And Jimmy Casper is French. Who knew?


Yes, too bad about Vino. I've always liked him. He's a fighter and always ready to attack, and he's had some really bad breaks. Now Cycling News is reporting that he and some of his Kazakh backers are planning to buy the entire Wurth team. But with his luck I wouldn't be surprised if that fails to pan out too.


I can't wait to see what happens tomorrow.

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Tour de France 2006 Stage 1 Hand or Camera

Wow. Just looking in over the internet much later, I can say the first apparent hit was not the green paper hand. I reached this conclusion after looking at olntv.com magnified video because I couldn't believe the cardboard cut would do that (but maybe it would at over 40 mph).


Yeah that Landis gig in the Prologue was like the stuff of bad dreams...arriving late at the Tour de France and hearing those beeps as the seconds crawl by.  


If you look at the oln video that just shows the incident, you can see that a person (I believe a man or a very well grown woman) with a blue shirt with a white stripe on the short sleeve is holding a camera up and out away from himself (or herself), elbow downward. The wide strap appears to be wrapped around the spectator's hand as a small digital video camera might.


In any case at about 11 seconds into the "Thor Hushovd (NOR) Slow Motion Replay" the spectator's elbow smacks into Thor's shoulder, collarbone or arm at about the same time the camera appears to smack him on the side of the helmet or head. The camera, or another, then spins as it drops into the course. As one who has tried to photograph and video bicycle racing with home quality equipment, it's a tough job, and you're likely to not see a thing live, and maybe not in digits on the laptop. But really, this is as predictable as it is horrible.


The mountain climbs are scary many ways, one of which is what year will a nutcase pull out a long blade as they go by? I sure hope Thor can make it back, but wow there was a lot of blood from the camera or possibly still the cardboard hand, or whatever it was after the finish that's not even on tape. Perhaps he was just dizzy and fell after the finish.


Meanwhile velonews has some good video interviews with Robbie McEwen, George Hincapie (brief but interesting mostly from expressions), and Discovery Channel team director Johan Bruyneel (this over four minutes and interesting).


Cycling news has a recap of Stage 1 too...a bit quirky getting it to work but a nice brief summary. If anyone finds longer summaries on the net please let me know!



Very nice to have 2 US of Americans in the top trio. It'll be nice to see if CSC can thoroughly abandon Zabriske like they did last year as I recall it in one of the team rides (just my perspective from my own warped view) after he brought them much attention early. 


Oh and velonews has an uncomfortable video of Zabriske being asked about the ejections where he seems either very unused to being interviewed on anything other than the day's race, or in the dark about it all, or wanting to say something but feeling not able. His answer "not necessarily" to questions about whether this was an injustice is a bit hard to parse, but it's a tough question in a million possible ways. Still interesting.


Back over at olntv.com, there's a poll asking who's the greatest Tour de France rider, with the following choices...

  • Jacques Anquetil
  • Lance Armstrong
  • Bernard Hinault
  • Greg Lemond
  • Eddy Merckx
  • Marco Pantani
  • Did I miss something? I would have thought Miguel Induráin would be on that list? Does anyone know why he'd not be there, and does anyone know all these riders well enough to say a bit about them without having to do research?


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    Tour video highlights

    Good work on the digital forensics there Blake! I've just been watching the OLN feed on cable--repeatedly, since it's on just about around the clock. Being able to access net video is pretty much hit or miss for me right now with the unstable situation of my PCs, and probably not worth me fussing with it. But I certainly do appreciate your comments and analysis. And it was great to see Thor back out there and mixing it up again today.



    I'm wondering if the emergency medical guy might have had him lay down in order to get his arm elevated and keep the bleeding down. Just seeing him on the ground I assumed at first that he mnust have crashed or collapsed. But seeing it again, he actually looked pretty calm and alert, a little winded maybe but clearly paying attention and doing what he was told to do.


    Per Zabriskie, yes CSC took a lot of heat for leaving him lying on the road in the team time trial, and while wearing the yellow jersey even. Things are a little different in a TTT, and I guess they knew that he wasn't a serious GC contender. (Or perhaps a self-fulfilling prophecy in the event.) Many felt that it showed a lack of class and respect for the race to leave the yellow-jersey wearer on his own to ride home bloodied and battered


    And some have noted that Zabriskie is a man of few words, often a very difficult interview. I get the impression that he tends to be ironic in what he says, sarcastic even, and that he's bright enough to recognize that this will often be taken wrong in a brief soundbite. But he won't bother with the usual things that athletes are expected to say, so he tends to not say much.


    Not so surprising about that "greatest Tour de France rider" list. I've been seeing a lot of economics lately and realizing what idiots we tend to be about making absurd comparisons and then taking them seriously. We mouth the words about "apples and oranges" and yet we do it constantly.


    Which is better, a hug or a piece of candy? Our language permits us to ask the question, but it doesn't follow that a unique and unambiguous ordering must exist. What are the Systeme Internationale units for Tour de France rider greatness? Taking a survey is guaranteed to produce an answer, but that doesn't mean that it's a valid answer or that you'd even get the same answer if you took it again.</rant>


    But yes, Indurain does seem to get left out of the discussion a lot, and he was the big name about the time when we started really paying attention. Was he the first to win five in a row? (Too lazy to go and look it up.) And a big plus for me was that I'd bought a Pinarello bike just before he started winning Tours on them. I did a nice 50km solo ride on mine last evening, in fact. He seems to be a pretty quiet, non-controversial type, and maybe that's hurt him in the legacy department.

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    Tour de France Stage 1: camera AND paper hand

    After hearing Thor's TDF interview pre-Stage 2, I take by inference that he was hit by the camera (or the arm holding it) and also, just after that, cut by the green hand. I have only seen one recap of Stage 2 so far, so I don't know what happened in any detail, but sounds like a great race is shaping up. More later. I'm enjoying the interviews on velonews.

    There will probably be some changes at least for finish lines with some double fencing (just guessing), and I feel sure that at least Thor will try to avoid riding along the extreme side.

    By the way, please vote in our meaningless absurd polls! There are several, and I've put them into a book for easy voting.

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