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Tour de France 2007 Streaming Video Free TV & Heart Rate Monitoring

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For those who don't have cable television but do have high-speed internet, here are some links that may (or may not) work for you to watch some worldwide television. Currently, of course, this is of interest because of the Tour de France. Look below for some links to the live data for GPS (location), power, heartrate and more. It's amazing to watch the video as the riders pass through a town and make a turn and to see this happen on the Google map while viewing HRM data. Yikes it's a datahead's mashup dream (although it's not really a mashup since you need several different windows and websites working together to view it all)!

One place I search for any events that are not available even on cable television, and for some that are available on cable, is http://tvunetworks.com/. Download the player and look for a channel mentioning the event. These channels start up and end as broadcasters are able to provide them. If you're using Windows, watch for the TVU logo in your system tray, and when finished viewing, remember to right click and exit so you won't be slowing down your connection by sharing resources when not viewing. The TVU player is nice, and I like the idea that people around the world are sharing resources and video.

For a list of sports streams, you might try http://sportsnet.cc. Sweet transparent drop down menus, by the way! Perhaps we'll see something like that here some day. Check out http://cyclingfans.com/, too. And to save some time, I'll list some of the links I found.

Remember, some of these links will only work when the race is live, and some may not work all the time due to connection limits.

mms://a1729.l2168647534.c21686.g.lm.akamaistream.net/D/1729/21686/v0001/reflector:31716 (after you click, make sure the mms:// is at the beginning of the link instead of http://) seems the best English broadcast, and I would try this one first, before tvunetworks, even. This may be the official feed of the network owning the rights in the USA, the humans against animals and other humans channel.

rtsp://helix.beotel.net/encoder/rts2.rm (after you click, make sure the rtsp:// is at the beginning of the link instead of http://) is one of two Serbian links to try.

http://www.rts.co.yu/rts2uzivo.ram is the second Serbian link. After the tour today there was a women's international rules basketball game on. Cool. [For fun, change the 2 to a 1 and watch the news or whatever else is playing: http://www.rts.co.yu/rts1uzivo.ram.]

While francetv blocks other countries, http://www.nos.nl/nosstudiosport/wielrennen/tour/2007/live/ provides a grainy view while the USA television signal is out on commercial. There's also a text update along side, if you can read it!

It's only fair to mention http://www.letour.fr/ of course, as it's the official site. The English version is at http://www.letour.fr/2007/TDF/LIVE/us/200/index.html.

While we're at it, if you're interested in live heart rate monitor readings, check out http://www.polarfrance.fr/Live_Race_Data/Polar_Live_EN.php. I think the riders vary from day to day on this site. For more heart rate and power data, see http://www.srmlive.de/Data/navi. This latter has live position data for Google Maps as well.

I hope this provides some fun watching and some benefit for the advertisers on the cable channels, whose commercials can reach even more people free! I love watching commercials over the internet when it means I get to watch the Tour also!


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Free TV Strategies for Tour de France 2007

Just a few extra comments here.

  • The mms link is the first one I try.
  • Then I try tvunetworks.com. I have been using the player for over a year and I trust it, and so does my anti-badthings software. Look for channels that may or may not be named like the one that carries it on television (which shall remain nameless here but it means against or some such).
  • Then I try the Serbian links.
  • Then I try the .nl link but the video seems blocked now. It was lame anyway.
  • Don't forget sportsnet.cc and cyclingfans.com

Good luck and happy viewing. I hope the advertisers get real and understand they're getting free impressions by offering a live feed in the USA as is available in other countries. Many sites in Europe are blocking USA visitors from seeing video, most likely because of exclusivity agreements. A proxy might work but I don't know of a fast one that's free. Anyone know a fast free proxy that would make us look French to the French feed? Most of the time I can get the live or replay in English so far using the above methods. Please let us know if it's working or if you have any more tips!

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Maybe Helpful Proxy Info for Tour de France Viewing

I haven't gotten into this myself since I get cable, but I just happened on some information about international proxy servers that might be useful at:



Streaming video: How to bypass country restrictions
By Fritz
Steephill.TV provides an excellent list of links to live streaming video of the Tour de France. Unfortunately, most of them have country restrictions due to their licensing agreements with the Tour organizer. There is a way to bypass these restrictions. I haven't done this in a long time, but here's the theory. If you get this to work, please comment with your experience or link to your own how to.

The post goes on to give suggestions for finding public proxy servers in other countries, gives instructions for configuring Firefox, IE, and Safari to use a web proxy, and suggests the Charon service to test the proxy and make sure that you appear to be coming from where you want to appear to be coming from. I don't have time to tinker with it this week, but thought that I'd pass the link along for anyone who's so inclined.

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Tour de France 2007 and the Struggle to Watch via Internet

Hi. Here's an update as of Monday afternoon. Over the weekend I had trouble using the Against Channel feed (it's not really the against channel, it has a v then an s then a dot). They've asked some folk to remove that feed link it seems. Sad.

As I write this I am listening to (and can look over to my laptop to see) yet another Stage 8 replay. I wonder why, with so many great Stages in the can (the digital one), why don't they replay all the stages back to back on rest day? I'm watching this, not on the feed, but on the TVU Player from tvunetworks.com. The replays have been working great.

I had trouble Sunday morning getting that same channel on the TVU player, so I'm guessing the masses must have been slamming the servers. It would work sometimes, but not so well. I knew there would be replays but I kept trying of course, boneheaded as I am.

However, there were two other channels the showed up on TVU that worked pretty well:

  • Danish Delight 51733: This was a bit grainy and the commentary was not English of course, but it was nice to have this.
  • Le Tour de France TV!: This was an English language broadcast but I think the provider missed a cable or something, so it was a silent movie in color.
  • Telecapri 10027: No TdF when I was there, but along with GolTV this has some nice soccer coverage. To the point, however, there was a documentary in Italian of some sort with lots of nice photos of the old days of cycling. What can I say? I was trying to get my velofix.
  • France24 10094: No I didn't understand them, either, but to get my francofix to go with my velofix, I had this news on awhile and asked eebee what they were saying. With some Café Bestelo espresso, it was nice for the atmosphere.

Happy hunting. Don't forget to look at:

Hope this helps and that you enjoy the Tour de France and get out there and skate or bike from the inspiration.

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