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Tour de France News Section Added: Blog This

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Throughout the duration of the 2006 Tour de France, the news section on the left sidebar will have a "Tour de France" subsection.

As with all the news items, members will see a blue block with a white "b" in it beside the title. Click the blue block to blog about the article. It's a pretty easy way to look at the TdF news and comment.

Tag clouds still bring up multiple copies of the same article, regrettably, but I still love looking at how the tag cloud changes as you write and tag.

Site feedback is welcome but as often as possible let's keep that via create/site feedback and email.

Thanks for contributing! Remember we already know the few hundred in our various niche sports. This is for them, but more than that, it is for the millions we don't know yet who'd like a little help, information and encouragement.


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Viewing Thumbnail Photos in News Articles

I've changed the news setup to allow thumbnail images that come with the news articles to be included as well, not in the sidebar but in the central column of the page. This may make the news pages a bit more visually interesting. For now, I will likely also allow these images to come with the story if you use "blog this." We'll see how that goes. There are several ways to see the news headlines, depending on your goals:

I hope you'll see some stories you'd like to write about, as I don't always catch the good stuff! Thanks.

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