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Tour de Lions 2008 Bike Ride Inline Skate Report

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The weather couldn't have been better for the anniversary of my returning back to skating. The crowd at this event is always welcoming and friendly towards skaters, I was amazed at the number of people who couldn't believe a person could travel that many miles on skates.

The temp was in the mid 50's as everyone was scurrying around with the last minute details prior to riding out. I haven't heard the final number yet, but it seemed like there were well over 300 people there. I met Melinda in the parking lot going through her stretch routine. It was good to see a familiar face. I had gone to Tour de Lions intent on going the 10 miles, since this was the first day back on skates (after my surgery) in three weeks. Melinda and I skated the 20 last year and we decided to do the 20 again. I figured I could always SAG back to the church if it got to be too much.

Fred Lineberry and his crew had mapped out new routes for this year, a 10. 20. 40, and 75. I can't vouch for the other three but the 20 was very nice, and skater friendly. Only one gatorback and I wouldn't consider it one, but it was the worst road we skated on. It seems like they kept us in mind this year.

As usual the ride was well supported, with healthy snacks and drinks at the rest stops, plenty of people in SAG vehicles riding the routes, and the routes were well mapped out and well marked on the roads. A person could do this event without a hand map.

We got back to the church in close to 2 hours. Several of the bikers were already checked in. The folks at the church had lunch ready and there is always plenty to eat for everyone. The Lions club even had prizes for everyone that participated.

If you can work it into your schedule for next year, this is one event that is well worth participating in. Thanks to Fred Lineberry and his wife, Brenda Lineberry, and the rest of the Lions club for sponsoring a great ride.


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back on wheels

It's great to hear that you're back rolling after the surgery. Thanks for the great report and I'm glad you had such a nice day and a nice time.
andrewinnc's picture

Re: back on wheels

Thanks Timv, it sure feels good to "get rolling" again.
MikeB's picture

TDL Report makes me sorry I missed it

This event seems like winner. I've got to get better about putting these things in the 'ol calendar. Any suggestions on how to keep more up to date? I'd rather participate than read about it the following week. Your report was great and good to hear your back rolling.
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Let's Try to Get These Events on Our Calendar

One great way to help the events we love is to use "create/event" to put them on the calendar here. Search engines crawl what we write usually withing 15 minutes to an hour, and searchers arrive regularly after that. If we can get more skate events in the calendar more in advance of the event dates, with comments on our experience, more searchers will see these events. We met Andy last year because eebee took the time to write about Tour de Lions, so we know it makes a difference. Talking on the private lists is great, but open searchable writing is another way to share, especially with those who've never done this before and are wanting to know if it's possible for them. I'm giving bonus skateylove points for creating events (for what that's worth in our monthly prize drawing), and I'm trying to put in some events myself too...but there's a lot to work on to keep the site going so I often don't get to it as well as I should! I'm hoping we can get some local skaters from around the country to put in their favorite events...but we'll see...if not we'll do the best we can to share what we know!
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Events Calendar

Now that sounds like a plan.  I really want to take in a true skating event.  All reports are always so positive.

The Triangle Skate Club has regularly scheduled skates throughout the week but a TDL, T2T, etc. would be so phenomenal to take part in.  For skaters looking for weekly get togethers the TSC calendar is neat plus it lists dates & info on national events:  http://www.triangleskateclub.com/new/calendar.php

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Yes, Like That

Just one of the things I have not done as much of as I would like. The TSC calendar looks great. If any of you can help get some events on the calendar here, it can only help the events, our articles here, our cause, and of course Roadskater.net. It's easy to forget how many people wonder about this, but being at Hartwell Challenge of the Centuries convinced me yet once more that lots of people, including cyclists, are interested in trying inline skating, even in organized events. So if you can help put events on the calendar, please do! I'll edit and enhance and geolocate as I can. A great calendar will definitely bring people to our content about cycling and skating for charity. Thanks for the interest.
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Thanks MikeB

Thanks MikeB. It was killing me each day when the weather was great and I had to stay off of the skates. Good to be back again.
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you up for the Denton skate??

I'm planning on it, and a few others are too, sure would be great to meet you Andrew and take in a skate.
andrewinnc's picture

Re: Denton skate

Hey Mike I am still up in the air about it. I talked to Eebee and she has moved me closer to skating it. Last year, being my inaugural year of starting back skating, this ride was the second one I did. I was no where ready for it. I think I am better prepared for it this year. I am training better for rides like this with hill training once a week. The adrenaline still screams at me as I stand atop some hills. Maybe I will see you ther.
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Denton Skate - 25K vs. 60K

Sure would like to see you there. I'm now in internal debate on the distance. 25K is do-able, as I log road miles, 60K seems more and more like a stretch. I'm learning that Eebee can be quite persuasive (in the kindest of ways)- my bet is she gets you to skate it. :-)
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My big flapping ears are burning...

Well I put the Tour de Kale (and Tour de Lions for that matter!) event on the calendar here so that folks would find it in a Google search, or new skaters visiting the site, or cyclists that we can convert to skaters :-). I had such a blast last year! But we still pretty much don't know until the last minute if we're going to do an event! We try to plan but fail miserably at it. Tour de Kale has 2 rival events, at least, that we know of, in the first Tour to Tanglewood training ride (Ken's Bike Shop Winston, I believe, which is FREE!), and the Philly Free Skate,which is also FREE. I'm sure lack of money/vacation time will win in the end. Of course, if it's pouring with rain at the start line we pretty much decide NOT to do an event - except for A2A

Both TdK and TdL are so well run, I just had to shout about them, even though I was too exhausted to get to Tour de Lions this year. I have to drive 300+ miles to do these events, anyway :-)

andrewinnc's picture

re: distance

I don't know if they are doing the same routes as last year, but the 25K was a nice skate. It started out the same as the 60K but split off after a few miles. There was one big hill towards the beginning, but after that is was pretty much a breeze. Unless something unexpected happens, I will most likely be there. I don't know if I am up for the 60K yet though.

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