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Tyler Hamilton wins Mount Washington bike race

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It looks like Tyler Hamilton is back in form at least partially, set to have done his time two days before the World Championships. He won a tough 7.6 miler at Mt. Washington, which I guess doesn't prove much, but is better than not winning my age group even in tiddlywinks.

I still can't believe he hasn't given up that medal he has from the Olys, but OK. I'm surprised it has not been extracted from him forcibly by dark legions of organized power, legal or not.

One happy note is that second place was taken by a 51-year-old former mountain biking champ, Ned Overend. Now that's a great name for an MTBer!

Now it'll be interesting to see how Tyler does, and if he's got that whole doping thing down now to where he won't get caught, or maybe he will even try it on his own within the legal limits of the trade. I wonder how much endorsement money he can garner if he starts to win. We surely don't need another US of American failing the tests!

Tyler Hamilton, Aimee Vasse win Mount Washington bike race
Lexington Dispatch, NC - Aug 19, 2006
Olympic gold medalist Tyler Hamilton, who's been suspended from sanctioned races for the past two years, returned to the White Mountains Saturday to win the ...

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Tyler Hamilton and Tom Danielson

The report on Cyclingnews has a lot more about the event. It points out that it's a charity ride and is "very emphatically a non-sanctioned event" so the ban wouldn't apply. It also notes that the climb attracted more attention when Hamilton rode it in 1997 and took six minutes off the record time. And that current Discovery up-and-comer Tom Danielson punched his ticket to Europe by knocking almost another minute off Hamilton's record time in 2002.


Apparently it's quite a brutal road. I'm impressed that it took him over 50 minutes to go 7.6 miles. That must be pretty steep.

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