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US10k Classic 2007: Bike, Skate, Wheelchair, Run, Walk races

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Not sure yet if I'm going to be able to take part this year, but it's not because I'm not yearning to. Most years I try to find some safer, park-like hills to see approximately how fast I can charge up and down 6.2 miles of hills before I sign up, just because I want to have a hope of beating my best time. However, it's almost impossible to duplicate the effort because it's held on a closed-course road, devoid of toddlers and dogs. Stone Mountain Park, GA, offers the best, similar conditions to estimate how long it'll take you to complete the US10K course.

This is an event I like to enthuse about. The first time I did this event I had only learned to brake or let go in a tuck, on a fast downhill three months beforehand, and my hill-climbing was in the baby stage, but I did it anyway because skatecoach Cindy believed I could do it. She and skatecoach Paul also stated it was good to go ahead get some skate-race experience before doing my first A2A. I thoroughly recommend you sign up for this event, coming up on Labor day. You will feel one heck of a sense of accomplishment at the finish line food-feast and awards ceremony. There is usually a prize purse plus giveaways.

Please see my previous year's post about this thrilling and fun event:


or visit the official website: 

US10K Classic



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US10k Classic Elevation Profile

In case you wanted to know ahead of time...here's a Mapmyride.com elevation profile of the US10K classic course. Click the box on the left that says "display elevation". I had difficulty pinpointing the exact place for the start line...so in reality you will jump off the start line down the first hill - so ignore that slight uphill at the very beginning of the elevation profile. 

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