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Washington Area Roadskaters Can Show You Some Inline Skating Fun All Around DC, Maryland and Virginia

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These guys have a great group, a fine email list (yes they still exist and serve a nice niche), and they do lots of free skate-ups. I am really glad to see they got a nice write-up with some visibility for their happy efforts. If you're going to DC, you really should bring your skates and get hooked up with these guys for some rollaround time. With a backpack for your skates an a pair of shoes, you can go far on your own, but drop that stuff in the room and cruise with WAR for some roadskating thrills and probably some hills. 

SkateDC is a free and fun skate weekend where the roadskaters host rollers from out of town. It's a good time for skaters, and their families can find plenty to do around DC in May (when it is usually held). If you're into racing, I believe they still do the Skate of the Union (coming up soon I believe), where they take over the driving course for a local law enforcement agency to do laps on the track. 

Also, skating on the mall is allowed, just not in the monuments. There's actually another NPS location where they allow skating in greater DC: Rock Creek Park. 

Time to Dust Off Those Rollerblades - Washingtonian.com (blog) -

Washingtonian.com (blog)

Time to Dust Off Those Rollerblades
Washingtonian.com (blog)
If you're over 30, chances are good there's a pair of dusty, long-forgotten Rollerblades somewhere in the back of your closet. If so, it's time to remove a decade's worth of grime and mothballs; Rollerblades are back in. ...


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