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Year 2 of the Brain/Body Makeover: Losing Weight in the Off-Season, from Weight Training, and by Riding My New Bike!

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It's been a while since we've talked. So I'll update my fellow dieters on my progress since my last post. After 15 months of diet and exercise, I'm happy to report a weight loss of 35 pounds. Last year during the active cycling season, I maintained my 25-pound loss. Until about October. In October and early November, I continued to eat at the same pace but cut back on my calorie burn. I reclaimed 8 of those lost pounds. With the help of my trainer and the diet body builders use when training for competion, I lost 17 pounds between Thanksgiving and New Year's. I believe that I have lowered my body's set point and now I gain and lose the same five pounds, but starting at a much lower set point. 

Some time in the fall of last year I bought Chris Carmichael's "Eat Right To Train Right" and learned that my best opportunity for weight loss was in my off season, or what he calls the Foundation Period in any athlete's training year. While dieting I continued to work on strength training in the gym and on cardiovascular fitness in the gym as well.

I rode in my favorite local bike shop's Polar Bear Ride on New's Year Day and have been riding consisently since then, improving my average speed from about 10 mph last year to my new high (tonight) of 13.8 mph on a 22-mile ride. Here's the thing. I haven't met my weight loss goal yet. It's 50 pounds, and I don't want to wait until the Foundation Period again to get that next 15 pounds. I read about Carmichael's coaching programs in the back of his book and checked out training on his Web site. With the help of my trainer, I did find a diet and nutrition coach in Durham who is going to help me feed my performance on the bike and lose weight this summer. I can't wait to see how this works out and will definitely share. My first meeting is Friday night.

In these last few months, I've found that I only lose weight in those weeks when I'm not exercising hard, but only walking and sticking to my 1560-calorie-per-day diet. In the last two weekends, my calorie burn on the bike has been in the thousands each weekend, but I have picked up three pounds each weekend, only to lose them by the time I hit my rest day. Actually, the day after my rest day is my one flat stomach day of the week. I'm hoping that with the help of an expert I will learn to manage my food intake while still getting stronger on the bike, and meeting my ultimate weight loss of 50 pounds.

Oh yeah, I bought a new bike. Yay! Tonight was my fourth ride on my new wheels and I finally got into my big girl gear tonight for the first time. That was awesome! It's a Specialized Ruby Elite. The best part to me is that I can easily pick it up with one hand and that it has pink stripes and pink bottle cages.

Time for sleep.

RSN Biker


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Interesting and a Good Point About Off-Season Weight Loss

Thanks for catching us up. I have many questions and little time, but am interested in what Charmichael says about the off-season being the best time to lose weight. Ha. For me, it is the time I really blow it and keep eating as if I were still really burning those long distance miles of the early to mid Autumn (Tour to Tanglewood, Athens to Atlanta, Carolina Century). That is a really good thought. But I also know that I want to be losing some weight as the season goes on, as I am starting with too much. So it'll be interesting to see what you learn on all this. Congrats on your new speed record and new bike, too! 

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So many milestones!




I don't know where to start congratulating you:

- For being into your second year of the brain body makeover?

- For your new high average mph over 22 miles this week?

- For swapping a higher 'same five pounds' for one much further down the scale?

- For actually losing weight between Thanksgiving and New Year?

- For getting a bike with pink bottle cages?!

Wow! Very inspirational! And I totally concur with FSD (flat stomach day) falling somewhere mid-week.  Mine's usually Wednesday...four days after gatorade and rest stop cookies, and a couple of days back to normal food portions. I say 'flat'...

I also find it easier to lose weight when not training. Those waves of hunger during the summer just have to be dealt with, usually around midnight. Somehow (for me) it's easier to exert less and eat less than it is to workout more and get the amount of food right that promotes weight loss.  

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Chase Two Birds, Catch None

Your report reminds me of reading that quote on a bodybuilding website years ago with regard to losing weight and building strength. Take your pick of which one you're working on, but it's tough to do both at the same time--or so goes the claim.

It's great to see your report and I'll echo eebee's congratulations for moving into year two of your makeover. And I really like the new bike. (I even got to ride it!)

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Caught One

Thanks timv. I'll be interested to see how this shakes out. So far this week, I've done well in the gym, but I haven't been on my new bike. This was my diet adjustment week. I'm lifting more weight inthe gym, but I'm tired and a little bit dizzy from the changes in my diet. And I'm sleeping more. I'm looking forward to getting to a new, lower set point so that I may return to eating like I do on riding days every day.

Next week, I'll incorporate cycling into my training mix again and see what happens. You are probably right. The heat wave couldn't have come at a better time for this phase of the diet. I'm not sure it is sustainable while cycling. 

Thanks eebee for your kinds words and encouragement.

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