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Tour to Tanglewood Section of Roadskater.net

Hi and welcome! This is a special part of Roadskater.net for anyone who loves, or thinks they might grow to love, the awesome 2-day Tour to Tanglewood skate and bike ride (skride) for Multiple Sclerosis. It shows links to photos, articles, maps and more from our roadskating and cycling team members who have participated in Tour to Tanglewood every year since 1999.

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Roadskater.net Photos Revolved: Faster, Better, Fetching Views of the People, Days and Places That Brightened My Life

A few years ago I had to shake things up as the old joys were no more....at least for a while. Thanks to three lovely young skater friendgirls, I started skating, and it turned out I was quickly more addicted than they were.  The Year of Skating Dangerously saved my joy. To honor that time, I present: http://roadskater.net/rsn/photos/index.htm .

I was looking to create something other than what I had tried before, which had all dried up. So I bought a cheap digital camera and decided I would take photos and edit them and post them mostly without comment (hard for me!). The collection grew to 31,000 photos! Before September 11, airline flights were cheaper than the gasoline to drive some places. I had free places to land on floors. I went. I took photos. I edited them. 

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Measuring jerseys

Related to current jersey issues, I got some jerseys from the closet and found a tape measure and checked some dimensions. It's a bit iffy measuring the Roadskater jerseys because of the double seams on each size (but that's part of what makes them supersweet, right?) but I did my best. Blake thought this information might perhaps be useful to someone some day.

Green 2006 jersey size XL: about 24" across chest just below sleeves

Iris/violet 2007 jersey size XL: about 24"

Orange 2008 jersey size XL: almost 25"

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Film Review: 2007 Foreign Language Films, The Counterfeiters plus The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, La Vie en Rose, 80th Oscars

Part of my brief sabbatical from the web and internet for a few days was due to immersion in the movies of 2007 prior to the Oscars. I know. That's exactly what they planned. I don't do this every year, and life often dictates otherwise, but this year the timing was right for a bit of a tech break and soul refurbishment before getting back to inner workings of websites and documents.
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Thoughts on Buying First Inline Speed Skate Boots and Frames

When I was about to be fitted for my first set of speedskates, I wondered if I would be able to skate in low-cut boots too, but I tried someone's (Dan Burger's, in fact; thanks, Dan) and it turned out to be fine. I got Verducci V-Tek boots that were "semi-custom," meaning the ankle area was custom and the front of the boots stock, or so they said. For awhile I used some Mogema R-1s but ultimately decided they were not as good as mia Verducci (for me) and I went back to the V-Teks. The Mogemas ultimately broke down at the mounting slot, which seemed a poor design to me.
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The Last Athens to Atlanta 2007 Photo

Some stories take a while to be told...or to be tolerably painfully embarrassing to tell. This may not be the last photo from Athens to Atlanta 2007, but it's about the last one I could call an A2A pic for 2007.

We had a challenging weekend of it with the car break-in and window replacement, but after A2A was over, we had a nice few days and just kept putting off going to Athens for my car. I can't tell you why it never dawned on us that there would be a price, beyond just a daily parking fee, for this. There's a sign but it's not one I had read.

The Last Picture A2A 2007: The Roadskaterizm Gets a Boot of Its Own
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Frosty Bridge New Year's Eve Trail Skate Report 2007-2008

A trio of relatively hearty, definitely frosty souls showed up with no possible better place to be than skating at the new section of the greenway around 11:30 pm last night. We started out comparing LED and halogen light kits and other gear, then rolled gingerly along the trail into the dark night, after a few photos of course.

The chilly trio prepares to skate the trail into 2008
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Athens to Atlanta 2007 Polar Heart Rate Monitor Barometric Altitude Graph

I have been wanting to share this graph of Athens to Atlanta 2007 with everyone for some time now. In fact, I intended it to be the first graphic uploaded in the beta photos system, but the Specialized helmet won out. Maybe later I'll delete that one!


Athens to Atlanta 2007 Heart Rate and Altitude Graph
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USA CPSC and Specialized Recall Model 2D Skate/Bike Helmet (Bicycling/Inline Skating)

If you've seen that Specialized helmet that looks like is has a shark's mouth on the front, you may want to mention to the person who owns it that they should consider getting a free refund or replacement from the company, and that even if they don't do that, to seriously consider not using it any more.

If you don't know what helmet I mean by my description, check for the model 2D written on the rear contours above the ZED in SPECIALIZED. This item is from fuzidave on the Pegasus list and thanks to him for that.

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Basic Questions About Buying a Bicycle, New or Used, Inexpensive!

I am going to need to buy my son a bike, but don't want to get overwhelmed with facts or pricing. I can't afford $100, much less $3000 for a bike. I think he'd rather have a mountain bike than a racing bike, although the reason for me buying it for him would be so he could cycle whilst I skate. I'm not opposed to him owning 2 styles for different purposes, however. I'll find a place to cram 'em into my living space, if necessary.

What are some obvious pros and cons about buying a cheapie from WalMart vs. a nicer, 2nd hand one?

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