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Speed Map: Paceline Bicycles Winston-Salem Tanglewood Training Ride Inline Skate

Here's the speed map from the Paceline skride (skatey bike ride) a few weeks ago. Looks like 37 mph is the best we got out of it. As we get some more mass willing to tuck and fly, we should get up over 40 now and then. Still, way fun!

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Post-Birthday Skate Update: Inline Skating Greensboro Country Park

First off, thanks to everyone for your supportive comments and interest. The 58.3 mile in 5:29 went off without a hitch, excepting a soreness on the ball of my left foot. I don't have all the vitals from my Forerunner 305 on hand, but will post those soon. I started off at 6:45 am from the lower parking lot at Country Park, which proved to be fortuitous as the heat and humidity really started to assert themselves at my 12:15 p finishing time.

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Order Your New 2008 Roadskater.net Inline Skating and Cycling Jersey

You don't have to be a member to order a jersey. You don't have to order a jersey to be on the team, but...the order deadline is now extended for preorders to 9 a.m. EDT (6 a.m. PDT) Thursday July 17, 2008. After that, the price may be higher for any extras on hand. Celebrate roadskating with skateylove, and share the road on your skates or bike for charity in your Roadskater.net jersey!
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Freestyle BattleUS II: Inline Skating Freestyle & Slalom/Cones Skate Competition, Seattle, WA, August 16-17 2008

Battle US II - Freestyle skating competition - Seattle WA

Local US competitions and International superstars! Fun to compete or just watch and hang out.

www.freestyleskaters.org for more info - help grow the sport of slalom/cone freestyle skating in the USA.

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Greensboro Velo Club Red White and Blue Bike Ride Inline Skate Photos, Speed Map, Google Earth Thumbnails

The GVC Red, White & Blue was lots of fun despite hot weather and muscle pain. We started out for 41ish miles but missed a turn (no street sign and no cue sheet mileage info) and gleefully wandered along for quite some time before finding anyone to ask about Ironworks Rd. So we ended up doing 51.5, ending up with hot sun. Here's a link to the photos, the speed map of the route, and a google earth photo thumbnails route map...

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J&L Bicycle Burlington NC 2008 Tour to Tanglewood Training Ride Photos, Speed Map, Google Earth Thumbnails

I had a great time with eebee, andrewinnc and jack, plus Marianne and all the cyclists and T2T staff and volunteers at the inaugural J&L Bicycle T2T training ride! Check out my 150 photos two ways, as a Google Earth thumbnail route map, and full-sized on roadskater.net:

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Cycles de Oro 2008 Tour to Tanglewood TR Photos and Map

Comments later, perhaps, but for now, here are the photos from the 2008 Cycles de Oro Tour to Tanglewood Training Ride. We did 36.5 or so on a pretty hot day, finishing in 90-plus degree sunshine. Here are the pics:

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Back in the Group Loop: Greensboro Country Park Tuesday Night Inline Skate

Just a brief note to say how wonderful it was to be skating again. I was away due to acute lack of inspiration and laziness as opposed to having a real reason. Bottom line: no excuses.

Teamed up with Blake, Tim, and Andrew at Country Park in Greensboro on Tues. eve and it was wonderful. Everytime I leave for a while and come back, I always wonder why I ever did, leave that is. We all did 7 or 8 laps, talked skating, Garmin 305s, various park attractions, and all the other things that make for endorphin induced grins.

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July 19th - SkateStrong Inline Skating/Rollerblading Workshop to Benefit Multiple Sclerosis (National MS Society)

Hi everyone!


I am teaching the next SkateStrong workshop on Saturday, July 19th, 2008. Normally, I'd point everyone to the website for details, but the power supply on my webserver (which was just replaced 4 months ago) has died again! So, rather than wait for the replacement to be shipped to me, I thought I should get the word out now so that people can plan accordingly.


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Tour de Kale 2008, Denton, NC Bike Ride Inline Skate Review

Denton Farmpark, Denton, NC is becoming a home away from home for me every June. Hundreds of cyclists and a skater or three met at the park out in the country to honor Kale's superbly supported charity ride last Saturday, June 21st 2008. Let me tell you, the Denton folk know how to mix gatorade at the rest stops! Not a watered-down barrell out there.

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