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Yes People Do Still Figure Skate on Quad Roller Skates and They're Doing it Now on the Internet Free

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Not much time to comment, but while looking up some results from the USARS speed skating, I noticed that the streaming links for that are still working. The current competition is figures and it appears to be compulsory routines. There's a chat box so you can learn a bit about what's going on. I don't know why but this gave me some encouragement at times today when I needed a short break. It's fun to see people enjoying the various ways of rolling on various kinds of skates. Looks like pairs is beginning as I wrap this. They're a couple of hours behind schedule, it seems!

Check it out:




Here's more info:



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And I'm not just talking about your title :-).

That looks so much harder than ice figure-skating. Just looking at one girl doing a parallel spin (camel spin?)...the spinning foot motion looked a whole lot more difficult than on ice.


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GotSkates Tom was an Artistic Quad Skater Methinks

I seem to recall that GotSkates on the Roadskater.net team was or is an artistic dance quad skater, among so many other skatey talents. He is always so great at all the skating drills at the Eddy Matzger Workshop, it's no wonder. Lately he's been pretty busy with the work thing, but I hope we'll see him again at the Tour to Tanglewood and elsewhere. 

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What I really mean, is...

Rereading what I wrote above, I didn't mean that the girl I saw spinning looked like she was having difficulty. She has plenty of skill to still make it look effortless. I just noticed some extra mini-pivots she needed to make that probably aren't necessary on ice. 

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Yes Roller Tricks Seem Harder To Do Than Those on Ice

I agree that several of the moves seemed to require more effort than on ice. I don't know much about it but you're right that the wheels didn't want to roll sideways as they'd need to in a spin, so there was some skilled maneuvering going on.

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